Take a Look at Metal Roofing

Contemporary metal roofing has changed considerably since the days of rain beating down noisily on a tin roof. You can find a number of misunderstandings related to metal roofing. You’re able to use it with any design of home and it is at the same time resilient and affordable. Permit me to eliminate some of the myths surrounding metal roofing.

1. It’s really noisy during a storm.

In reality it isn’t loud at all. You are very likely thinking about of those old tin roofs that were used to cover barns and cottages. This variety of roofing is fitted over the old shingles or over plywood always keeping the noise to a minimum. Throughout storm season even howling winds make more noise than rainfall hitting a metal roof.

2. It costs too much.

Yes and no. Metal roofing is more expensive than asphalt shingles but it will save you money in electricity and replacement costs. For starters, a metal roof won’t need to be replaced anytime soon so you will not need to replace it once again later on. In hot weather metal roofing can really help reduce your energy expenses. A professionally fitted roof could help you save up to 50% on your energy bills.

3. Metal roofs get hit by lightning.

Your home isn’t more likely to be hit by lightning when you switch your roof to a metal one. For the very very rare event your home is hit by lightning the roof helps dissipate the charge. On account of the metal roof not being flammable your roof is not going to catch on fire.

4. Your metal roof will rust after a while.

The steel sheets of a metal roof are layered with aluminum or zinc to protect against rust. To withstand even the worst weather the coated metal is coated with top quality paint.

5. Metal roofs damage easily.

These roofs are built to last for a long time withstanding hale, snow, winds and storms. Most metal roofs are graded to withstand wind blowing around 120 mph. In comparison to normal asphalt shingles roofs following a storm are missing shingles and plywood, nearly all metal roofs are nonetheless in excellent condition.

6. You can’t walk on a metal roof without harming it.

Though you will not do any damage to your roof walking on it if you are not careful you might do some injury to yourself. The roof is perfectly ready of withstanding you walking on it; it really is a smooth surface so be sure you are wearing the appropriate footwear. Do not walk on your roof in the rain and keep off the surface when it’s wet. Get in contact with the roofing company who applied the roof for the best way to correctly walk on the surface.

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